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East Asia maritime week begins

03 Jul 2014
Press Release

ITF inspectors and dockers’ and seafarers’ union members began an East Asian maritime action week today in ports in Japan, Korea, Russia and Taiwan. The event runs from 23 to 27 June.   During the event joint inspection teams will check and enforce decent pay and working conditions onboard vessels.   In Japan a rally will also be held at the premises of the Kotoku Kaiun company, which refuses to talk with union representatives.    


For more details please contact:  

In the UK, Sam Dawson, ITF communications. Telephone: +44 (0)20 7940 9260. Email:  

In Japan, Fusao Ohori. Tel: +81 3 5410 8330. Mobile: +81 90 6949 5469. Email:  

In Korea, Hye Kyung Kim. Tel: +82 2 716 2764. Mobile +82 10 5441 1232. Email:  

In Taiwan, Tse-Ting Tu. Tel: +886 (0)75212380. Mobile: +886 (0)988513979. Email: or Sanders Chang. Tel: +886(0)2658 4514. Mobile: +886(0)955 415 705. Email:  

In Russia, Petr Osichansky. Telephone: +7 4232 512 485. Mobile: +7(0)4232 706485. Email:  


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