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Send a message of support to the world’s seafarers - heroes of the pandemic let down by the world’s governments
This year the ITF will not be celebrating the International Day of the Seafarer. Governments are preventing more than 200,000 seafarers from stopping work, getting off ships and returning home – as is their fundamental human right. Add your message of support now.


Seafarers all around the world, never forget that we the ITF and all our inspectors are always available for you 👍

Göran larsson

Thousands of men and women of the sea who have been making an undeniable contribution to international maritime trade, in an important and essential role for the well-being of peoples and nations.
It has been suffering neglect by government officials in the midst of the serious Covid-19 pandemic, with restrictions on access to ports and a ban on crew changes and repatriation, with the total lack of perspective on when they will be able to return to their homes, even though they already have completed their work periods, in many cases exceeding more than 16 months on board.
In the face of prevention protocols that have been shown to be effective, including the use of reliable tests that contribute to avoid contagion on board, there is no longer any justification for maritime workers to continue to be retained on board beyond the expected period.
For this reason, the entire Brazilian maritime and port community, exhort authorities and world governments, to make the changes in crews more flexible and easier as soon as possible.
Otherwise there will be serious consequences on the health of seafarers, endangering the safety of the world maritime trade.

Renialdo de Freitas
ITF Inspector
Santos - Brazil

Renialdo de Freitas