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News | 19 May 2019 Press Release

Seafarers condemn working conditions on board Blumenthal ships

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) have been contacted by current and ex-crew members who have told distressing stories of intimidation,...

News | 27 Mar 2019 Press Release

German bulk carrier detained after crew complain of no food, bullying and denial of shore leave

The complaints from on board the Flag of Convenience (FoC) vessel berthed at the Port Kembla Coal Terminal were received by the International Transport Workers’...

News | 13 Feb 2019 Press Release

BHP ignores pleas to help starving crew

A seafarer aboard an 80,000-tonne bulk carrier, the Villa Deste, contacted the International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) pleading for help. The starving...

News | 07 Feb 2019 Press Release

Wage theft exposed on BlueScope chartered ship

Wage theft aboard a BlueScope chartered foreign-flagged ship in Port Kembla has been exposed after intervention from the International Transport Workers’...