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Resource Materials | 11 Nov 2019

Technical co-operation Committee (TC) Submissions

Technical co-operation Committee (TC): oversees IMO’s capacity-building programme and the implementation of technical cooperation projects to support developing...

Resource Materials | 11 Nov 2019

Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) Submissions

Maritime Safety Committee (MSC): undertakes matters in relation to maritime safety and security covering passenger ships and all merchant ships.

Resource Materials | 07 Nov 2019

Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) Submissions

Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC): undertakes all environment related issues in shipping. The ITF fully supports the paramount importance of...

Resource Materials | 07 Nov 2019

Legal Committee (LEG) Submissions

Legal Committee (LEG): undertakes any legal matters including ship operation relating liability and compensation issues, such as abandonment of seafarers, fair...

Resource Materials | 25 Oct 2019

Criminalisation toolkit

Criminalisation is one of the most serious problems facing seafarers today. When there has been a maritime accident, or a pollution infringement, seafarers have...

Resource Materials | 03 Oct 2019

Offshore STD Special Agreement template

Resource Materials | 26 Sep 2019

STCW Convention and Code

The STCW Convention and Code is continually being updated and amended to suit the changing requirements of the maritime industry. The ITF have produced previous...

Resource Materials | 21 Aug 2019

ITF guidelines on the IGF Code

The IMO has adopted a mandatory safety code for ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels. The booklet provides a brief information on the IGF Code and what...

Resource Materials | 13 Aug 2019

STD Special Agreement template

Resource Materials | 13 Aug 2019

ITF IMEC International IBF CBA 2019-2022

This IBF Agreement is based on the IBF Framework CBA which sets out the standard terms and conditions applicable only to seafarers serving on any ship owned or...