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News | 03 Jul 2014 Press Release

Activists take concerns direct to Chevron hometowns

Australian trade unionists challenging the record of oil giant Chevron in its US home state have been welcomed by local activists, groups and politicians who share...

News | 03 Jul 2014

ITF celebrates Fiji union win

The ITF-affiliated union's president, Dan Urai, was one of six union leaders charged by the military dictatorship on January 9 – despite the fact that the union...

News | 03 Jul 2014

Trade union leaders pay tribute to Bob Crow

Thousands of supporters lined the streets of the East End to catch a final glimpse of Crow as his coffin was horse-drawn from his council flat at Woodford.Crow was...

News | 03 Jul 2014 Press Release

East Asia maritime week begins

ITF inspectors and dockers’ and seafarers’ union members began an East Asian maritime action week today in ports in Japan, Korea, Russia and Taiwan. The event...

News | 03 Jul 2014 Press Release

Unions take action on ‘sea of shame’

The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) and its affiliated unions are launching a week of action today from ports on the Black Sea to combat what an...

News | 03 Jul 2014

Solomon Islands union rebuilds against all odds

The Solomon Islands National Union of Workers (SINUW) was the only private sector union in the country, and represented a number of industries – including...

News | 03 Jul 2014 Press Release

ITF briefs New York investors to highlight Chevron concerns

The International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) is today holding an investor briefing with United States Stock Exchange analysts in New York to explain why...

News | 03 Jul 2014

ITF activists tackle HIV/AIDS on cruise ships

Eighty five seafarers from across the world attended the seminar, run by the NSU (Norwegian Seafarers’ Union) in cooperation with the ITF, FIT-CISL (Federazione...